About Us

Mission Statement

Greater Philadelphia NATS is committed to creating a welcoming community for teachers, students, performers
and voice professionals. We promote excellence in vocal performance and teaching in all styles of music
by offering opportunities to further knowledge and skills in the areas of voice education, voice science,
musician wellness and practical applications of scientific research to musical performance.


                  President Lisa Willson DeNolfo
          Vice President Corbin Abernathy
                  Secretary Chelsea Marie Stotter
                  Treasurer Noël Archambeault

   Board of Directors Susan Anders Brizick
                                    Ian DeNolfo
                                    Rebecca Kolb-Gamble

Chapter History




8.28.14          9.13.14          6.9.15          1.10.16         9.25.16        5.19.19

10.26.14       11.30.14         9.20.15         4.3.16          12.11.16

1.11.15          3.22.15         11.01.15        4.24.16        2.19.17

4.26.15          5.17.15        11.15.15        5.15.16         8.8.17

10.14.17        11.12.17       2.04.18         8.9.18         9.30.18



Thank You

We wish to acknowledge Keith Aumiller and Jacob Embree of St. Louis Integration for their help building and maintaining this wonderful website and also Brian Lee who donated his time designing our logo.